Vic Luce's Tutorials

These tutorials you can find right here on QBasicnews. They deal with everything basic from simple commands to using libraries. (Oracle will be fixing the spelling mistakes soon ;))

TutorialOne - An intro to QBasic and some basic commands.
TutorialTwo - The basics of Graphics
TutorialThree - Game Techniques (Revisited)
TutorialFour - Using the mouse in screen 13 (can be adapted)
TutorialFive - How to use bitmaps to draw images in QB
TutorialSix(?) - Bit Blocking - putting sprites on a background without ruining it
TutorialSeven(?) - Advanced Sprite Movement
TutorialEight(?) - 3D (the cheap way ;))
TutorialNine(?) - The second game making tutorial
TutorialTen(?) - How to make a role playing game (the basics)
TutorialEleven(?) - The basics of subroutines
TutorialTwelve(?) - The basics of using ASM in your QB proggies
TutorialThirteen(?) - Using basic ASM in your programs
TutorialFourteen(?) - 2D rotation (using trig and stuff)
TuturialFifteen(?) - Making your own QB library
TutorialSixteen(?) - Customising an existing library for your own use
TutorialSeventeen(?) - Vic's thoughts on QBasic
TutorialEighteen(?) - How to get multiple sprites to move in QB

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