Sorting Arrays With More Than one Dimension

You need to reinitialize your array into a single dimension, sort it, and reinitialize it again.

With QB:

'Assume you sort from 0 to ubound(array).

'For array1(1 TO 20, 1 TO 25, 1 TO 10):
DIM array2(20*25*10-1)

'Code to "flatten" the array:
FOR i% = 1 TO 20
FOR j% = 1 TO 25
FOR k% = 1 TO 10
array2(i%-1 + (j%-1)*20 + (k%-1)*500) = array1(i%, j%, k%)

'Note the (i%-1), (j%-1), and (k%-1). Make sure your array2 starts with 0.
'When all the values are minimal, the index should be 0.
'When they are maximum, the index should be the amount of total values.

NEXT k%, j%, i%

'Now sort it with a sorting routine.
qsort1 array2(), LBOUND(array2()), UBOUND(array2())

'Ok now reformulate the dimensions; it's just the opposite of what was previously done.
FOR i% = 1 TO 20
FOR j% = 1 TO 25
FOR k% = 1 TO 10
array1(i%, j%, k%) = array2(i%-1 + (j%-1)*20 + (k%-1)*500)
NEXT k%, j%, i%


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