Graphics Topics

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-Graphics Modes-

GraphicsInSvga(?) - Graphics in SVGA modes.
GraphicsInScreenThirteen - Graphics in mode 13h.
GraphicsInScreenTwelve - Graphics in SCREEN 12.
GraphicsInScreenTen(?) - Graphics in SCREEN 10.
GraphicsInScreenNine - Graphics in SCREEN 9.
GraphicsInScreenEight(?) - Graphics in SCREEN 8.
GraphicsInScreenSeven(?) - Graphics in SCREEN 7.
GraphicsInScreenOne(?) - Graphics in SCREEN 1.
GraphicsInGeneral - General graphics techniques.
GraphicsInLibraries - Graphics in a selected set of QB libraries.

-Graphics Concepts-

Graphics primitives
PlottingPoints - Plotting graphics using POKE and PEEK. (PSET replacements) (SCREEN 13, 12)
AntiAliasedLines - Drawing an anti-aliased (blurred at the edges) line. (SCREEN 13)
SetVideoSeg - How to enable double buffering. (SCREEN 13, [SCREEN 7 already has it])
SuperPut - Faster and better PUT replacement by Plasma. (SCREEN 13)
DrawingCircles - How to plot a circle in any graphics mode with a PSET or LINE equivalent. (GENERAL)
PaletteExplanation - What a color palette is and how it is applied in various screen modes. (SCREEN 0, 9, 13, GENERAL)
MaskingAndSprites - Tutorial on how to do mask in SCREENs 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

More complex graphics techniques
PixelByPixelScrolling - What is pixel by/to pixel scrolling and how is it done? (GENERAL)
DoubleBufferingConcepts - What is double buffering and how is it done? (SCREEN 13, GENERAL)

Other graphics stuff
ShakingTheScreen - Shaking screen effect. (SCREEN 13)
VerticalRetrace - How to synchronize your games with the screen refresh rate (GENERAL)
TransferingSpritesToEMS - How to use POKE and PEEK to store and retrieve your sprites to/from the EMS pool. (Library - DQB)

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